A glimpse of community life in rural Moldova: Selemet

20131205-152843.jpgA few days ago I was in Selemet, a Moldovan village with a population of about 4000, just about one hour south of Chisinau, in the province of Cimislia.
The occasion was a community event to discuss violence against women, organised by the mayor as a reply to a call from UN Women.
It was inspiring to see many community members – teachers and school directors, social workers, parents, both the christian churches present locally, victims of domestic violence, and even some ‘good model’ husbands and fathers – sitting around a table for a lively discussion about how to do better together to combat violence against women and girls.
After the round table discussion, we met the kids of the local kindergarten who sang for us some heartbreaking songs about parents leaving the kids behind to go find work abroad. Very many of them raised their hands when asked who had a parent or both abroad – most having left to Italy and Russia.
Their kindergarten was surprisingly spacious, colourful and well-equipped, thanks to the initiatives of several organisations, including the Norway-Moldova association who had just financed the restoration of the building.
I always have the feeling that there is so much positive energy in this country – so much to do, and so many willing to give their best.